Itineraries in Abruzzo: 5 itineraries for a holiday

Plateau of the Cinquemiglia

There versatile quality of the Abruzzo tourist offer allows you to choose from many different itineraries during the seasons of the year. From the sea to the mountains , to the villages , passing through places that are distinguished by the goodness of the table and up to the destinations that put in direct contact with the beauty, even mystical, of nature : Here you are 5 routes perfect to do within a perfect vacation.

The Sant’Antonio Woods: skiing in a dream landscape

For fans of winter sports , the Abruzzo mountains are undoubtedly the ideal location for a holiday in the snow . And those who want to devote themselves to cross-country skiing will find in the regional reserve of Sant’Antonio Woods, in Pescocostanzo , a technically perfect and enchanting location, with slopes maintained by the local ski school.

The forest is located between Monte Pizzalto and Monte Rotella and is one magnificent beech forest . The trees, protected from cutting and pruning, grow in a free and wild way until it assumes a suggestive and fascinating shape a candlestick .

Sant'Antonio Woods

This beautiful fairytale landscape it is then further enriched by the presence of wild pear trees, cherry trees, yews, maples, oaks, turkey oaks, creating a very harmonious whole.

In the winter period the Sant’Antonio Woods it is the ideal location to practice cross-country skiing . In this area on a path of 13 kilometers, with a minimum altitude of 1280 meters and a maximum of 1360 meters, there are 3 rings of different lengths.

The first is 5 kilometers long and is located at the Colle della Difesa, the other two are 8 kilometers long and reach the woods. The ring in the beech forest , with a journey of about half an hour, therefore, allows you to ski while immersed in a dream landscape , following paths with steep slopes which, then, degrade between the whiteness of the snow that draws the landscape and makes the branches of the beautiful beech trees luminous.

Canyoning in the Aventino River

A super dynamic holiday to be organized in the summer in Abruzzo, even with the whole family, must consider an itinerary that allows you to do a canyoning experience . From this point of view, one of the best locations is the one offered by Aventine river , impetuous at the right point to be descended.

The river is located in the province of Chieti , was born on Monte Porrara, in the territory of Palena . In its enchanting path of approx 45 kilometers gets to cross the Majella National Park , insinuating itself into a natural landscape as well wild and beautiful , where the unspoiled nature and the animals, fallow deer, roe deer, herons, squirrels , they live free along its banks.

Canyoning in Abruzzo

The Aventine owns what is called a torrential character , its current makes it suitable for this discipline, as well as al rafting , for almost its entire course. Where, on the other hand, the current becomes less strong, it provides an excellent path for the kayak . It is, however, easily accessible by following paths both on foot and by car.

The stretch in which canyoning is practiced is about 1 kilometer and is located right at Palena . This is where the river lets itself go swimming, sliding, jumping waterfalls with heights that gradually increase, walking in its waters to descend it: living, in short, an adrenaline-pumping experience skin to skin with nature .

From Castel di Sagro to the Highlands: the best delicacies

To know the gastronomic proposal from Abruzzo and very good typical local products , there is nothing better than following an itinerary to discover exquisite local specialties, like the one that starts from Castel di Sangro and reaches up to Highlands of Abruzzo .

Plateau of the Cinquemiglia

Along this route there are, in fact, places that guarantee one genuine cuisine , healthy, really good, starting with delicious recipes with truffles or grilled lamb which can be tasted in the first stage a Ateleta , a place from which you then arrive at the Greater Highlands of Abruzzo , where there is Roccaraso and its great cazzarielli soup with beans and cabbage and, as a second, the famous cooked sheep .

TO Rivisondoli instead, some excellent scamorza and the famous mozzarella , while Pescocostanzo excels in the workmanship of caciocavallo and pecorino : all fine local specialties e famous on the palate of the most expert gourmands .

The Teramo Way

Abruzzo is a land where spirituality and nature come together perfectly. One of the most suggestive itineraries from this point of view is certainly the Teramo Way .

It is a ancient pilgrimage path whose path has been reconstructed thanks to the research of the testimonies of those who had participated in it, thus allowing it to be handed down over time and in memory. The itinerary starts from Sanctuary of the Madonna dello Splendore, in Giulianova, to get to Sanctuary of San Gabriele dell’Addolorata in Isola del Gran Sasso .

The Teramo Way

Participate in the Teramo Way it means traveling on foot, on horseback or by bicycle 110 kilometres immersing yourself completely in a unique landscape , which tells the beauty of Abruzzo nature and that of places of considerable interest from a cultural and artistic point of view .

Along the way, starting from Giulianova , in fact, one passes by Sant’Omero, Civitella del Tronto , Campli, Teramo, before arriving in Isola del Gran Sasso.

Sea and mountains: all the charm of Abruzzo

A long itinerary that it starts from the sea and arrives in the mountains passing through beautiful historic villages is the ideal one for get to know Abruzzo and the natural variety that characterizes it.

Path starts from the sea and from seaside resorts that stand out for the quality of their tourist offer. From Roseto degli Abruzzi , known as Lido delle Rose and for its wide and comfortable beach, we start and arrive at the first stop: Giulianova , famous for its golden beach and for the always clear and crystalline sea, so much so that it deserves the constant recognition of Blue Flag .

Castel del Monte

After arriving at Teramo , city with a rich historical center where there is also a beautiful cathedral, the itinerary continues towards Castles , a village famous for its production of artistic ceramics , up to the Plateau of Campo Imperatore , an enchanting natural environment also known as Little Tibet . From here continue visiting the village of Castel del Monte with its typical tower-houses and arriving, then, at Calascio very small center where the suggestive is located fortress : a fascinating setting that has appeared in many famous films, including The Name of the Rose.

The next step is Santo Stefano di Sessanio , famous for its beautiful widespread hotel and for the precious and rare lentil local. Then we arrive at The pit where there is a 12th century castle and, therefore, a Rocca di Mezzo , which offers its tourism Old Town , a renowned naturalistic proposal and of which, for a while, it is part Campo Felice with its famous ski resort.

The itinerary ends with the last stage: Ovindoli , which lets you admire his landscape typically mountain and that’s another famous one winter tourism destination for ski enthusiasts.