The 10 best mountain resorts in Abruzzo

Campo Imperatore

The mountain scenery of Abruzzo it is unique and unrepeatable. Here nature reigns supreme, offering to the eye its landscapes colored by woods and vegetation, wild places e pristine , while the fauna it finds an environment suitable for its reproduction and to live in complete freedom. Here’s what they are the 10 best locations mountain in Abruzzo.


Roccaraso , in the province of L’Aquila, has been famous for over 120 years as ski resort . Has 110 kilometers of slopes, 30 lifts and here you can practice it ski-hiking , lo snowboard , there are cross-country trails , there is it ice stadium .

Cross-country skiing in Roccaraso

Everything is completed, of course, from a curated and dedicated accommodation offer : there are, in fact, hotel facilities of various kinds that they also have spas internally to encourage perfect relaxation and that they organize events and demonstrations for the moment of leisure and fun.

Roccaraso it is, however, a mountain resort that offers many possibilities even during season summer . In this period they are organized excursions , on foot, by mountain bike, by ebike, which they bring discovering the Maiella National Park and you can devote yourself to sports such as archery , we can move in quad , do canyoning And rafting on the Aventine river, go out on horseback and much more.

Campotosto lake

Of artificial origin, the Campotosto lake it is located in the province of L’Aquila and is i he largest lake in Abruzzo. Surrounded by mountains, it offers a glance evocative panorama which reaches up to the Gran Sasso and Corno Grande.

In the summer it becomes a kind of bathing area where you can spend a few hours in relaxation under the sun, organize a picnic or it becomes a starting point to do cycling or walks on foot.

Campotosto lake

It is also a popular destination from winter tourism : in the cold months it becomes the perfect view to enjoy while dining in one of the lakeside restaurants appreciating even better the greedy authenticity of local gastronomic proposal .

Campotosto lake is the right place for those who want to devote themselves to sporting activities: from fishing at go out in a canoe , to the windsurfing and without forgetting the horseback riding along the Horse trail of the Gran Sasso.

Laga Mountains

The natural landscape of the Laga Mountains , where the summit of the Monte Gorzano (2458 meters), it is very particular compared to the other Abruzzo mountain destinations.

It stands out, in fact, for a large one presence of water and the consequent formation of beautiful waterfalls that enrich the panorama in a creative and sound way. From the Morricana waterfall to that of Boats , up to the so-called path of Hundred Waterfalls : these are perfect destinations to discover by making beautiful excursions.

Laga Mountains

Among the paths that can be traveled there is the Tracciolino of Hannibal and other itineraries along which you can also find the remains of ancient roads and gods sheep tracks , that is the paths that were used in the past for transhumance.

The spectacle of a vegetation rich in forests of beech, white fir, Turkey oak, chestnut trees moreover, it makes the environment of the Laga Mountains ideal for making one full immersion regenerating in a dream landscape.

Prati di Tivo

Prati di Tivo , in the province of Teramo, is located in Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park.

It is an active tourist resort both in winter and in summer . The beauty of its naturalistic proposal provides a perfect environment to devote to many activities, starting from skiing e from ski mountaineering , with respect to which there are several itineraries that differ in the level of difficulty. In addition, in winter, events are organized snowshoeing even at night and in Fat Bike , also available with pedal assistance.

Prati di Tivo

As for the summer period, Prati di Tivo offers a wide choice of things to do: from flight in paragliding to the climbing , to the trekking , to the canyoning and up to the activities in the adventure Park with his acrobatic and aerial courses to be overcome using ropes, suspension bridges, nets and all immersed in splendid scenery of a beech forest .

For fans of an extreme sport like the downhill they are also available 6 tracks , with varying degrees of difficulty, within the Bike Park.

Barrea Lake

The Barrea Lake offers the eye a splendid postcard dominated by the turquoise color of the water and on which at sunset the red of the sun is reflected as it sets.

The lake is artificial , is located in the province of L’Aquila ea 972 meters of altitude . It is surrounded by a cycle and pedestrian path and in some of its points there are bathing beaches equipped with sun beds and umbrellas dedicated to the summer period.


The Barrea Lake it is an ideal location if you want to spend a period of relaxation and have a picnic surrounded from the colors and beauty of nature . Here it is possible, however, also to do activities sporty , starting with cycling the track that surrounds it. They can also be rented canoes and pedal boats or do horseback riding in Zone.

For those who want to live in close contact with nature , there are some nearby camping areas equipped. Finally, from the lake it is possible to move to get to some beautiful trails, including the famous one Camosciara path .


Located at 1167 meters high, Pescasseroli , in the province of L’Aquila, is rich in works of religious architecture. Among these are the Church of San Pietro and Paolo where is one black wooden statue of the Madonna and Child with the Sanctuary of Santa Maria di Monte Tranquillo .

It is known for being one renowned tourist destination , as well as being the most important center of the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park.


For ski enthusiasts in the winter offers approx 20 kilometers of slopes and a gifted ski resort of 3 chairlifts and 2 ski lifts . They are also organized during this period excursions of ski mountaineering and go out with snowshoes who see it as a starting point.

Surrounded by mountains and green woods, it is the ideal location for trekking , to exit a horse , in bicycle , but also to devote himself to tennis , to the archery , at the volleyball .

Among the most interesting destinations of excursions to do nearby there is the path that leads to beech woods of Coppo del Principe and Coppo del Morto , which are UNESCO heritage .


Pescocostanzo is located at 1395 meters above sea level in the province of L’Aquila and is part of the More villages Belli d’Italia .

From the point of view of the winter tourism , is well organized with his ski station and makes available slopes of different types and different slopes , therefore suitable for both beginners and more experienced skiers. The Snowpark , where there is an amusement park with play areas for children and attractions such as lo snow tubing , also allows you to skiing even at night .


His Old Town it is that of a well-preserved and protected village, characterized from the harmony of architectural construction and that allows you to discover glimpses of rare beauty and artistic balance, like the beautiful Town Hall Square .

Among the most interesting excursions to do in the area is the one to Wood of Sant’Antonio , where is one beech forest and where there are equipped areas for picnics with all the family .

The excursion to the Mount Rotella finally, it is about 14 kilometers and allows you to enjoy the beautiful views of natural landscapes where they live foxes, deer, roe deer .

Campo Imperatore

Plateau that reaches up to 2000 meters, Campo Imperatore , in the province of L’Aquila, is located in Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains National Park within a landscape that sees it surrounded by large mountains, including the Great Horn (2912 meters).

His heterogeneous environment it is divided between the space of the great grassy expanses, the peaks of the hills and the rocks of the mountains.

Campo Imperatore

Famous place for the winter tourism and frequented by those who love to dedicate themselves to Alpine skiing , is equipped with ski lifts that reach over 2200 meters of the Mount Scindarella and well 60 kilometres of trails for cross-country skiing.

Campo Imperatore it is a popular location even in summer, when its landscape reveals all its beauty becoming the ideal destination for excursions of different degrees of difficulty, to go out in mountain bike , on horseback, on foot .

Among the places of interest to visit in the area should also be mentioned the Astronomical Observatory and the beautiful Botanical Garden.

Lake of Scanno

The Lake of Scanno , with its beautiful heart shape , is a green wonder of Abruzzo nature and is located in 922 meters of altitude in the Sagittarius River Valley , in the province of L’Aquila. Overhanging its water is the suggestive Church of the Madonna del Lago ; small and intimate, it was carved into the rock and has a single nave inside.

Lake of Scanno

The environment of the Lake of Scanno is a perfect location for those who love tea naturalistic urism and uncontaminated places, for those who love to do birdwatching , but not only. It is possible, in fact, to sail its waters by canoe , by pedal boat or f are surfing . Also available are organized lido areas : they are small beaches equipped with sunbeds where in the hot season you can sunbathe and swim .

For fans hikers and for those who want to walk in the green, it is advisable to follow the so-called Path of the Heart . It is a journey of about an hour which allows you to reach a strategic point from where, from above, it is possible observe the beautiful shape of the lake . Its homonymous village, of rare beauty, is part of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy .

Sagittario Valley

There Sagittario Valley and its beautiful gorges are a regional nature reserve and an oasis of WWF in which they live the Wolf and the Marsican Bear and where they fly, among others, the Royal Eagle and the Peregrine Falcon .

It is an environment beautiful and wild which paints a landscape of great intensity and in which the image predominates of the grand canyon excavated over the millennia by the erosion of the river. It’s a real one temple of nature which collects the localities of Scanno, Villalago, Anversa degli Abruzzi : all three recognized among the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy .

Sagittario Valley

Its location is spectacular and is told with the dizzying heights of the cliffs and cliffs and with dynamics beauty of the waters which, flowing, create springs and waterfalls .

There Sagittario Valley and its Gorges therefore, they offer a unique environment for making excursions really suggestive. One of the recommended itineraries is what you give springs of Cavuto , also passing along the geological trail of the Gorges , leads to the village of Castrovalva which is located on a spur of rock and from which it is possible enjoy the panorama of the whole valley .