Holidays in Abruzzo between sea, mountains and nature

Abruzzo National Park

Overlooking the Adriatic Sea with its beautiful coastline, Abruzzo develops inwards with the sweet environment of the hills and with a landscape that then becomes harsh and suggestive dominated from the grandeur of the mountains.

It is, therefore, a region that offers many different possibilities To spend perfect holidays in both summer and winter. In fact, discovering Abruzzo means discovering the beauty of nature uncontaminated, fascinating villages timeless, of enchanting and magical places, in addition to the delicacy of one genuine and fine local cuisine.

Holiday at the seaside

Along the Abruzzo coast there are many locations to organize the perfect stay for the families with children. The sea is clean and crystal clear, beaches, wide and sandy, are well organized with bathing facilities equipped with every comfort, restaurant, bar, play areas, spaces for sports and entertainment.

Trabocchi Coast

The towns on the Abruzzo coast make available accommodation modern and comfortable, guaranteeing a very dynamic proposal regarding nightlife and, therefore, they are also ideal for welcoming groups of friends who want to experience a relaxing but fun stay. In addition to locations with organized beaches, however, there are many others that tell nature in a way pristine, free, wild. They are the ideal places for one regenerating holiday, to be completely immersed in the beauty of the colors of the sea that animates beaches free gravelly, with pebbles, with sand, also surrounded by green vegetation, of the pine forests and where one lives fauna also rare that it has found its habitat here.

Furthermore, for those who want to be in direct contact with nature in the freest way, in Abruzzo there is also the possibility of staying in naturist beaches.

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Summer mountain

In the summer the mountain reveals the colors and the light of its beautiful landscapes, expression of a fertile and enchanting nature due to the great diversity that animates it. Choose it as location for the summer vacation, therefore, it means living days in complete relaxation, but also and above all, to dedicate oneself to many sports activities suitable for all ages, to begin with from hiking moving on foot, on horseback, by mountain bike.


There are so many trails which can be traveled within 3 National Parks: they have different lengths and different degrees of difficulty and all allow you to do a full immersion in environments with breathtaking panorama, beautiful woods, discovering caves, of courses of water, waterfalls and much more.

There Abruzzo mountains in summer it is a magical place where you can admire uncontaminated places where they live chamois, bears, wolves, where they fly the eagles and the peregrine falcon. Furthermore, the beautiful scenery of the lakes: they are located in a dream landscape and are organized with small beaches where you can sunbathe and swim and with comfortable picnic areas to have a tasteful lunch with the whole family.

Winter mountains

The winter tourism in the mountains is another pride of Abruzzo. Her stations ski resorts, known and renowned, are a must for a beautiful White week.

Cross-country skiing in Roccaraso

The slopes are organized for every need, in addition to those dedicated to passionate experts or to those who ski in a competitive way, of course, there is no lack of slopes for beginners. We can, therefore, devote ourselves to cross country skiing and at downhill skiing with the certainty of having an unforgettable experience thanks to beautiful routes drawn by the whiteness of the snow and immersed within beech woods or others truly suggestive natural environments. You can also devote yourself to many other activities: allo snowboard, at ski mountaineering, to the telemark, at snowrafting and each of these specialties can be practiced safely by experts, while for beginners it is available the help of qualified teachers.

Also not to be forgotten are the fascinating ones night out with snowshoes and the ability to do dog sledding, that is to go out with sleds pulled by huskies. To this page it is possible to learn more about the 10 best Abruzzo mountain resorts.

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Parks and nature reserves

THE 3 Abruzzo parks and many nature reserves at the sea and in the mountains, they are fairytale places drawn from the postcard of environments and landscapes of rare beauty.

Laga Mountains

From a tourist point of view, they are ideal for doing hiking trails on foot, on horseback, by bicycle, by mountain bike, dedicated to everyone, even to the little ones, following paths in nature or by choosing food and wine itineraries.

Thanks to the guided tours, it is possible to deepen the knowledge of territory, of her history, of his features, of hers products. Inside the parks, moreover, there are several available accommodation of various kinds that satisfy every type of need for a lovely holiday stay.

Ancient villages

The evocative and timeless atmosphere of the Abruzzo villages is the ideal location to organize a unique holiday, perhaps to coincide with the period in which the food and wine festivals locals.


In the villages a wide range of accommodation is available, from the classic B&B to the multi-building hotel, to the hotels, to the holiday home, which allows you to experience a stay in direct contact with these places, walking through the streets, the streets, the wonderful alleys: environments that look like real postcards.

The scenario is perfectly completed by the local gastronomic proposal: in the restaurants of the villages you can taste them dishes based on genuine and exquisite ingredients, healthy and greedy who, too, tell the history and traditions of the place.

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Castles, hermitages and abbeys

The land of Abruzzo, in addition to naturalistic beauty, also offers the charm of great places suggestion.

Rocca Calascio

The castles, hermitages and abbeys on its territory, in fact, they design perfect and indispensable itineraries for an ideal holiday. Visiting these places means breathe the past, history, the testimony of one deep spirituality.

The hermitages they are places of great intensity that are also characterized by the communion with nature surrounding and the same can be said for i castles in their wonderful perched positions. The fortresses, which can be visited inside for the joy of adults and children, give the gaze the unique beauty of views that collect all the expression of Abruzzo nature, from the mountain to the sea.

Food and wine

A holiday in Abruzzo cannot be separated from the tasting of his own food and wine proposal. The regional table is full of dishes that tell stories history and tradition local and which refer to both the proposals of sea than to those of land.


You can choose to do one traditional holiday or wild and free choosing from the many mountain or seaside resorts, you can choose to stay in a village: however you want to organize your stay, in local restaurants are proposed greedy menus who celebrate delicious recipes regional.

If, then, you want to taste dishes or typical products on site, are also available itineraries or tours food and wine with stages that let you discover flavors and aromas unforgettable.

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