The 10 best beaches in Abruzzo

Trabocchi Coast

The varied and fascinating scenery of the Abruzzo coast winds along over 130 kilometers of shoreline. It makes available to the tourist request different types of natural and natural environments beaches with fine golden sand, with pebbles, gravelly, suitable to best define any type of holiday. Here’s what they are the 10 best beaches of the region.

Giulianova beach

There Giulianova beach, in the province of Teramo, is a popular destination, increasingly popular and in demand from national and international tourism.

Its environment is particularly suited to family vacation with children and teenagers, but not only. The comfortable one amplitude, the fine golden sand, hence the name of Beach gold, the organization of the many establishments which are found along the beach and, last but not least, the constant confirmation of the acknowledgments of the Blue Flag and of Green Flag: the strengths they underline are many and important the quality of his proposal.

Giulianova beach

The sea, clean and crystal clear, stands out for its shallow water which increases in depth very gently and is, therefore, it scenario suitable for water games of the little ones who, moreover, have at their disposal dedicated leisure areas.

There Giulianova beach, however, it is also the right choice for those who want to live one dynamic holiday, doing sports activity and movement: in fact, the factories have fields of beach tennis, from Beach volley and you can devote yourself to sail, do water aerobics, surf and so on.

Other points in its favor are there comfortable and easy position of the various accommodation facilities that are located right near the beach and the seafront on which walking or running, without forgetting the convenience of double lane cycle path.

Torino di Sangro

Along the 6 kilometers of the coast of Torino di Sangro, in the province of Chieti, fans of pebble beach they can find their ideal destination in locality Le Morge, where you come into contact with a enchanting and wild environment, as well as that of the pebble beach of the Borgata Marina with its sandy bottom.

Torino di Sangro beach

Moreover, for those who want to experience their holiday in a complete fusion with nature, they are also available to beautiful naturist beaches, which they offer a fairytale setting and very peaceful.

The beaches of Torino di Sangro they are, in fact, perfect for those who want one relaxing beach holiday, regenerating and immersing oneself completely in the beauty of the landscape and in the bright colors of a clean and crystalline sea.

Pescara beach

That of Pescara is a coast organized in such a way as to meet the needs of those who want to organize a holiday stay in a dynamic, comfortable, versatile environment.

The beach it is sandy and very wide. It is well equipped with umbrellas, deck chairs, sun loungers in the spaces within factories that also make available the bar service, restaurant, the area games for the little ones and other useful services.

Pescara beach

For all sports enthusiasts there are many structures that allow you to practice sports of various kinds: from surf at the water ski, at the sail, to the windsurfing, to the Beach volley, as well as being able to take advantage of the cycle path along the seafront for long bike rides.

Finally, the seabed it is low for many meters and, therefore, it is ideal to welcome the tourist request of families with small children.

Torre del Cerrano

The Protected Marine Area of Torre del Cerrano, in the province of Teramo, is a seaside location of rare beauty with its clear and crystalline sea, as well as offering the peculiar view of the tower overlooking the coast: open to the public, inside it is located the Museum of the Sea.

Torre del Cerrano

His stretch of Beach it is free and it comes drawn by the dunes and the green of the pine forest which is within walking distance.

Sand is end and the seabed is low for many meters, thus creating the ideal environment for making comfortable walks in the water and it is perfect for the little ones to play safely.

There Torre Cerrano beach is the right destination for a holiday in the unspoiled nature and to spend regenerating days surrounded by its beauty and by the sound of the sea waves.

Punta Aderci

The beaches of the Punta Aderci Nature Reserve, in the province of Chieti, are all free beaches, where the suggestive beauty of a wild natural environment e pristine.

Punta Aderci beach

The beach of Punta Penna it is the first of the reserve with its environment sandy, large, very comfortable. Here the sea is clear and clean and with a shallow seabed and it is the ideal place for a relaxing holiday which is also suitable for children.

This is followed by the Libertini beach with his pebbles and with the sandy bottom, the small beach of Punta Aderci (where the homonymous promontory is located) and, finally, the Mottagrossa beach, which is as well pebbly and wide enough to be able to use it stroll and enjoy the view.

San Salvo Marina

There San Salvo beach, in the province of Chieti, allows you to choose between many sections of free beach and others organized with bathing facilities equipped with bar, restaurant, all services and also attentive to the proposal of sports and entertainment activities and games for adults and children.

San Salvo Marina

The beach is very wide, the sand has a dark golden color and the sea, limpid and crystalline, is characterized by a backdrop Bass which degrades very gently.

The promenade of over 2 kilometers it is ideal for evening walks, for running or doing sports in the early morning and at any other time of the day.

Borsacchio Nature Reserve

There beach of the Borsacchio Nature Reserve, in Roseto degli Abruzzi, in the province of Teramo, has a length of 3 kilometers. It is perfect for those who prefer to enjoy their holiday by diving in the wild nature and in the crystalline sea and is also suitable for making long walks relaxing letting oneself be fascinated by the natural, free, silent, still uncontaminated landscape.

Borsacchio Reserve

There beach is sandy and is surrounded by the green landscape of the spontaneous vegetation, from warm color of the dunes and from some areas of Mediterranean bush. Its purity makes it an ideal environment for refectory and for other rare bird species found here the right habitat to live and reproduce.

Fossacesia Marina

Fossacesia Marina, known as the Queen of the Costa dei Trabocchi, is located in the province of Chieti. Its beach is illuminated by the clear light of its own white pebbles and only going south are some small ones sandy stretches.

On the coast there are two overflows that have been transformed into restaurants where to eat excellent fish and own specialties from Fossacesia it is possible to leave, following mountain bike or trekking routes, to discover the marvelous area Trabocchi coast.

Fossacesia Marina beach

The beach is well organized with establishments equipped with every service, while a few kilometers away is located the beach of Punta Cavalluccio: small and unspoiled, it offers a beautiful environment that develops between the sea and the vegetation.

Fossacesia Marina also has a marina, Marina del Sole, in which, throughout the year, boats up to 12 meters can dock.

Alba Adriatica

Alba Adriatica, in the province of Teramo, has some stretches of free beach and many others, however, are organized with bathing establishments equipped with every comfort they make available a restaurant service which often continues with the proposals of the evening menu.

Alba Adriatica beach

The beach is wide, comfortable and accessible, has a silvery color typical of its fine sand, while the sea is clear and crystalline blue. The backdrop it is sandy and low and gradually increase the depth as you go out to sea.

Tourist resort always very popular and in demand, Alba Adriatica also offers a nightlife very dynamic, thanks to the many places they offer live music, dance evenings, evenings of entertainment for adults and children and much more for everyone’s enjoyment.

Ortona beach

Ortona, in the province of Chieti, make available to its tourist offer a coastline of about 20 kilometres which is partly of free beach and for the most part is organized with modern and comfortable bathing facilities.

Located in a divided natural environment between sea and hills, also depart from Ortona excursions to discover the beautiful environment of the Trabocchi coast and the charm of the nature of the parks Abruzzo.

Ortona beach

His Beach , in the northern area, is large and is characterized by the brightness of the white sand, while going south the landscape changes and offers the vision of beautiful coves, of the headlands and of cliffs.

The sea of Ortona it has a clear and crystalline color suitable for snorkeling and becomes particularly clear in the vicinity of the locality Punta dell’Acquabella with its beautiful unspoiled beach of sand and pebbles.